Julio and Black Dragon to give Brazil its first title

He went by BRK and is henceforth playing for another great of the LATAM, is considered as the best support of his scene, and will embody Brazil with his team, Black Dragons — at home — this weekend, for the Pro League Finals against the nothern american 1nFamy. Here are Julio’s confidences. 

To begin with, how to explain Black Dragons’ excellent season, which dominated the brazilian scene and went so far as beating Team FonTT in the finals ? 

We are playing as Penta: in attack, we adapt a lot and in defense we play crossfire quite a lot. So we inspire from their game and everything works out well, with zone taking and domination of the map.
During the assault, everyone uses his own drone to enter somewher in the map.

It’s different from what is done in Brazil, usually team plays in another way. Team FonTT or BRK for example, they play with 3 drones and 2 opener following back. 

You come from BRK, is it possible to know why they let you leave, even though you’re considered as the best support of your area ? 

So during the first season, my team — that was Keyd — disbanded. I left for BRK because Bullet, who is now in the team, was 17 years old, so they couldn’t play in Season 2 of the Pro League. At the begginin of the third, he attained the majority, so I became a substitute. They asked me if I wanted to  stay but I already agreed to join Black Dragons. This is why I left the team.

It was foreseen that Bullet would come back onto take my spot. Afterwards, because I did a good season, they asked me if I wanted to stay —  not instead of Bullet —  but instead of somebody else. I already had a deal with BD, I wanted to leave, I took the decision to change team, because I found my new team decent also.

Precisely, how do you see BRK’s season ? Which will unfortunately not be there at the LAN.

Team BRK is also very good, they play in the way I just told you about. Two openers and three dronners, what is a good way to play, or that at least work in Brazil. I believe the game between them and team FonTT was very balanced, the game turned on tiny things. It could have end up in one or the other at the worlds. 

We are going to talk about another brazilian team, ENCORE eSports, that is a true surprise isn’t it ? Is there any possibility they reach the level of the huge Black Dragons, Team FonTT or BRK ? 

Distincly, they were in the Challenger League last season and were champions, getting into the Pro League, but that wasn’t that much of a surprise since we already practised with them, we knew they were strong, with a high gameplay. They play really aggressively, both in attack or in defense. They may not be enough steady, but this is a gameplay that can be surprising. So I think they will be contestants. 

To come back on Black Dragons, you’re going to play 1nFamy, have you already watched them ? 

Yes, we already watched them, they play as the other Brazilians team play. I believe it’s going to be a good matchup for us, we are ready, it will be a good game. 

What do you think of the NA gameplay ? Since from a personnal point of view you already played Elevate and Rogue. 

They have a very high skill level and play very well. In defense, they may be a bit less aggressive, it’s a gameplay we like to play against. When we attack, they are focus on the plant, they can have 5 players on site. Usually we do great things against this type of gameplay. It’s good for us to play against an NA team. 

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